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Shaver Battery Pack (for most Norelco & More)

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Shaver Battery Pack (for most Norelco & More)

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Product Description

  • NiCd Battery pack with easy solder tabs
  • Battery pack is two batteries connected together as pictured
  • Each individual battery is 1 7/8" long and 9/16" diameter If your batteries look like the ones pictured, these are the correct replacements
  • Each battery is 1.2V & 600mAH
  • Will fit the following models (this is a partial list only): Norelco 5601X 3865XL 7610X 7864XL 7886XL 8865XL 7885XL HQ8865 7865XL 8883XL 7735X 7737X 7775X 7866XL 7867XL 8867XL 400DX 6732X, 6716X 6711X 6709X 6706X 6705X 6701X 605RX 650TX 665RX 825RX 835RX 875RX 905RX 955RX 965PE 965RX 968RX 885RX 915RX 935RX 945RX 985RX 300SX 4885XL 4805XL 4845XL 4865XL 4853XL 4852XL 4817XL 4816XL 5825XL 5845XL 5848XL 5865XL 5885XL 5867XL 5864XL 5863XL 5862XL 4807XL 4625X 5849XL 5855XLD 5842XL 8845XL 8825XL 3805XL 5886XL 7845XL 7825XL 4825XL 6735A 6735A/X 6756X 6756X/A 6863XL 5602X 5602XL 6885XL 6865XL 6846XL 6826XL 6828XL 6829XL 5861XL 5841XL 5821XL 5801XL 5801XL 5841XL 5861XL 6826XL 6885XL 6887XL 6886XLD 6867XL 6866XL 6848XL 5802XL 5817XL 5818XL 5842XL 5855XLD 5842XL 5822XL 5887XL 6886XL 4821XL 4821XL/A 5603X 5864XL 6885XL 3801XL 3805XL 5863XL 5864XL 5867XL 7616X 7617X 8846XL 5616X 5615X 5655A 5655A/X 5565X/B 5565X, T990, HQ3805, HQ3825, HQ3845, HQ3865, HQ4625, HQ4805, HQ4825, HQ4845, HQ4851, HQ4865, HQ4885, HQ5620, HQ5801, HQ5815, HQ6889, HQ6715, HQ7780, HQ7815, HQ7825, HQ7868, HQ8825, HQ8885, HS345, HS360, HS375, HS825, HS875, HS885, HS905, HS915, HS925, HS955, HS965, HS975, HS980, HS985, T980
  • Compatible with Remington MB-975, MB-1000, PG-250
  • Picture is approximate representation of item available.
  • Color and brand may vary Item does not come in shelf packaging (bulk stock) Aftermarket
  • Installation requires soldering and advanced knowledge of electrical components.  Item is not returnable once installation has been attempted.  If you are not equipped to do this, contact us about our repair services.  Most repairs are done within 24 hours and shipped immediately back to you. For more info on these services, contact us.
  • You Are Responsible for making sure this is the correct battery pack for your shaver. If in doubt, ask us and we can help.

Additional Information

Shipping Weight 0.1000
Manufacturer Aftermarket
Condition New
UPC 737212062266
EAN 0737212062266

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